Downhole Equipment

When you areĀ drilling we know that every penny counts and it is important that you have the downhole equipment you need. American Genesis is your source for quality downhole and production equipment at prices that can’t be beat.

Our staff is trained, experienced and looking forward to helping you find exactly what you need. Our website and inventory are updated regularly, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see what you are looking for. We are well connected and can help you acquire the downhole equipment you are looking for.

If you have any questions, please call: 281-934-1921

When it comes to downhole equipment, most consumers are looking for:

  • You will need production equipment that isĀ an elongated tool with an upper end portion that indicates a connection with the work string
  • The tool body of the mechanism comprises a tubular main body portion that has upper and lower end portions with a main body having a bore
  • The elongated Equipment or tubular piston that can be slid within the bore of the main body
  • A piston lock for locking the piston in a first running position
  • The piston with a valve seat
  • A deformable ball valving member for the formation of a closure with the seat of the valve; the valving member is a separate ball member that can be dropped into the tool bore and the ball valving member. It can be transmitted from the well the surface area to the valve seat through the work string and the tool body.
  • A cage member disposed below the seat of the valve
  • A channel that extends between the cage member and valve seat
  • Means for transportation of the ball valving member from the seat to the cage where the ball valving member is managed to fit the seat forming a seal. The valving member can be deformed to stick to the means of the passage.